Nikhil Agarwal


Currently Nikhil is working as Manager – Cyber Security, Risk & Privacy at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) – SEAC & responsible for leading advanced cyber security consulting projects and advice clients on solution design, security management, tuning and modification of risk & privacy policies. Founder of Youth Cross Foundation, an active speaker & panelist in National & International Cyber Security Conferences like Thailand 2600, SACon, C0c0n, CISO Platform, CIO Summit, DSCI, CII etc. Nikhil have proven ability to work across cultures and serving 100+ clients globally in Europe (Germany), ME, APAC & Africa.


Talk: Threat Hunting in the Darkside of Internet (Darknet)

More famously known as the Wild West of the Internet I will take the audience inside the Web’s secret space for drug dealers, arms traffickers, hackers and political dissidents. Dark Web has turned into a major trendy expression over the most recent couple of years.

A great deal is being composed and spoken about it. Amid this introduction I will take audience through the truth of Dark Web and demystify certainties from fiction. The members would get bits of knowledge to different items accessible and exchanged on the Dark Web and diverse methods for doing Threat Hunting.

This will assist you with getting a superior comprehension of the significance of danger insight. Each coin has opposite sides such can likewise be said for Darknet and the utilization of Darkweb, one side with cutting edge measures and promising outcomes in verified and secure exchange in a computerized world and then again, its abuse in the could bring another crate of difficulties left wide open.

Amid this attendees will become more acquainted with point of view and look at new developing difficulties with such innovation and how they can utilize this stage for their Threat Intelligence/Hunting activities.


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