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Calder Brown


Calder Brown has competed in numerous provincial public speaking contests in both Alberta and British Columbia. Calder has a background pure mathematics as well as in professional training having worked for one of the largest professional training organizations Dale Carnegie, known for the book “how to win friends and influence people. Now Calder does training on communication skills as well as works in information security awareness for the BC government.


Talk: Communication Skills for IT Professionals – How to Gain Stakeholder Support

What is this presentation about? Have you ever been frustrated that one of your projects wasn’t getting the support it deserved? Have you ever left a presentation or meeting feeling like you made zero impact? One of the biggest factors behind gaining stakeholder support and having a project placed on the top of a priority list is an individual's ability to communicate effectively. Participants attending this engaging presentation will learn how to effectively deliver any message so that they leave a lasting impact and get the support they deserve.